Kira Moore

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Kira Moore has been a member of YSTV since 2019 and was elected to be Head of Commercial 2021-22 after securing the only 2020-21 commercial contract.

She was awarded ,at the Floppy's, 'The Louis Hamilton Award for Best Driving' 2019-20 for her role as head of transportation in 'Hunted Episode 2'. She was then awarded the 'YSTV's Sugar Daddy' award 2020-21 for the aforementioned contract.

During 2021 she produced the short film 'Correction' for the 96 hour film challenge. This then promptly became one of the only YSTV productions to be removed from YouTube and Facebook due to content complaints. The film dealt heavily with sexual violence and foul language and came with a content warning accordingly. Someone deemed that not enough and complained straight to YUSU, hence the short being taken down.

Kira is a name not nearly as famous as that of her dog Lexi's who outshone her in many of the projects she worked on such as 'Diary of a Girl in Lockdown' and 'The Lockdown Diaries: Episode 4'.

Kira has worked as a producer on 'ERN: The After Show' and 'Roses Unlocked' but her passion lies in writing and working camera on fiction projects.