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Joe Radford
Joe at Halloween.jpg
Years Active 2019 – Present
Positions Held
Current LocationYork
DegreesBA History
AllegianceSmoker's Corner

Joe Radford has been an active member of YSTV since 2019. He's generally known for being a regular presence at Writer's Room, winning YSTV Does Hunted episode 2 and co-creating of the infamous Baby Shark Social 2020. His constant presence in YSTV during first year led many freshers to believe he was actually a second or third year.

In Summer Term of his first year, Joe was elected as the first ever Head of Marketing.

In Winter Term of his second year, following Zoe Dickinson stepping down, he was elected Station Director.

In the 2021 YSTV Elections, Joe was re-elected as Station Director making him the 5th Station Director to have a second term.

In awards season 2021, Joe was awarded Highly Commended for Best Sport Journalist at the Colours Ball and YSTV won Student Group of the Year at the Love York Awards under his leadership.


  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Camera
  • Editing
  • Dancing (in any state)
  • Smoking
  • Not doing his degree
  • Knowing too much about comics
  • Loving the 1975
  • Organising amazing Shark Themed Parties
  • Club Penguin
  • Wiki article editing
  • Fixing Roses related issues as they occur
  • Sorting out merch disputes that have been ongoing for 4 years


Joe first encountered YSTV in V-Bar whilst they were filming Zoe and Johnny's Drunk Diaries. After attending the welcome meeting he soon became hooked on the seductive drug of YSTV. At the Give It a Go session in 2019, Joe was a contestant on the YSTV game show Riddle Me This, winning the show (twice since his original winning answer was deemed to have been "too quick").

Shortly after becoming a member of YSTV Joe was one of the members of YSTV to witness the Heslington Bank Robbery that occurred beneath Zoe Dickinson's flat. The event has since been deemed significant as one of the reasons that he was able to integrate with YSTV so quickly.

Early on in his YSTV career, Joe also participated in a trip to Brimham Rocks, when Olivia famously crashed the Van on the way home. It was also on this trip that he found out that Rhys Milling was welsh, a revelation that would have ramifications over the remainder of his time at York.

First Year

Joe dressed as Mario for the Drunk Mario Kart episode of Boozy Broadcasts

Joe's first major producing role was on the Boxing/MMA Fight Night 2019. He co-produced the livestream with Zoe Dickinson, before floor-managing for the stream on the night. Due to changes to fights and unexpected injuries, Joe was forced to think on his feet and find new interviewees quickly throughout the night, in order to keep the show running smoothly. In the aftermath of the stream celebrations were had by way of winning a fight of his own against Zoe and then copious amounts of drinking at Marmite.

Joe's winning streak continued when he won YSTV Does Hunted Episode 2 with Olivia Gibbs totally outsmarting all of the hunters, putting all the other huntees to shame and most impressively outrunning Matthew Zeffertt. Unfortunately, just as all good things must come to an end, so too did Joe's winning streak. On the Drunk Mario Kart edition of Boozy Broadcasts at the start of second term, Joe (dressed as Mario) played and lost the first race of the night.

At the end of his first term, Joe directed and edited the short film Nessie (written by one Jacob Boyle). The film received much critical acclaim (ie the highly critical Matthew Zeffertt liked it) and there was rapturous applause following it's preview at a YSTV production meeting.

In second Term Joe continued to take on notable producing roles. He took over as Head of Behind the Streams and took on several producing roles for Elections 2020. He solely produced the Debate Night and infamously the stream went flawlessly, never going down once. He then co-produced and floor managed ERN (as well as heading up the Behind the Streams).

The crew of the MMA 2020 Stream

Joe's most significant production yet has been the MMA Fight Night 2020. He was on the back foot from the beginning, due to the date of the event clashing with Zoe Dickinson's 2nd year film and her stealing nearly all of the potential crew members. Understaffed he soldiered on, organising the rigging of the stream and all the technical aspects himself (to acclaim from Tech Director Andrew Waddle). The stream itself was a wondrous piece of art. The exceptional quality of filming aided by Joe's directing finesse led to a stream for the ages, lifting the standards for all future boxing streams.

Joe's Baby Shark Costume

Early on in second term, when the news broke that Coronavirus had reached York, Joe was one of the members of YSTV to be interviewed by Sky News. Following the interview, he worked as camera op and editor on a video about the Coronavirus, which was to include interviews with students saying that they didn't think it was anything to worry about. Luckily this video was never released as it turned out that Coronavirus was something to worry about.

Joe also worked on YSTV's Come Dine With Me primarily Sound Op-ing for two of the episodes and leading the editing of the project too. Although no one asked him, he would have to say the overall quality of the episodes massively improved once he joined the crew.

At the end of second term, Joe and Caroline Preynat-Viero hosted the infamous Baby Shark Party. It was an insane night that will be hailed for decades as something that no one really knows quite why it happened or indeed what actually happened there. Joe put excessive amounts of producing into the event, ordering decorations and organising a session of "Sharks and Crafts," in which people could create their own shark costumes or decorations for the event. The night is memorable for many, partially due to it occurring during the Spring Breeding Season 2020.

Throughout second term, Joe was forced to take on roles usually completed by the committee due to members being absent, this included running Writer's Room and Production Meetings.

Joe had many things planned for his Third Term as YSTV including productions that were postponed, or adapted into alternative projects or all together scrapped due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and the imposed lockdown. Most significantly he was supposed to begin his pet project the YSTVCU. Due to this Joe became involved with several of the Quarantine shows that were produced from home such as Quarantine Weekly, Riddle Riddle (which was never actually made) and Animated short stories (which was continually delayed).

At the 2020 Elections, Joe won the role of Head of Marketing becoming the first to do so. He quickly began to develop YSTV's social media presence, by increasing the regularity of posting and ensuring the online branding was consistent. Alongside Ben Allen he revamped YSTV's entire online branding, unifying several styles to make everything consistent across platforms. (See YSTV Branding 2020.)

Second Year

In Joe's second year, beginning as Head of Marketing, he completed the YSTV Branding 2020 and implemented it for welcome week 2020. Along with that, he worked on the preparations for the Freshers Stream 2020, along with creating all the marketing assets for it.

Also during the first term, he began work on an Untitled Quarantine Weekly Sequel Show (which later became Oranges and Lemons, alongside Zoe Dickinson). The plan was for it to operate bi-weekly beginning from Week 5 and run initially until Week 11 of term 1. The first episode, which was a Halloween themed episode, debuted to much success. Trying to keep the show running often became difficult due to the fact that a second coronavirus lockdown was introduced after only one episode had gone out. However, with a lot of perseverance, Joe (together with Zoe and many wonderful producers) succeeded in completing the initial run of the show.

In Week 6 of Term 1, Joe was elected as Station Director, following Zoe Dickinson stepping down the week before. Whilst this was an exciting prospect at first, he was immediately dropped in the deep end. The day after he was elected was Media Committee and two days later a second national lockdown began. Joe very quickly got to terms with the responsibilities entailed in station directing and began attempting to hold everything together as much as he could. Through talking to YUSU, he secured access to the studio for kit distribution and also YSTV were allowed to continue to film outdoors in pairs. Meaning that at least he hadn't failed in his new job within the first two days.

Towards the end of the first term, Joe also began to partake in online live shows, most importantly, YSTV on the Rocks - which he co-created with Sophie and producing one final Christmas themed episode of Oranges and Lemons.

With second term being entirely online, Joe, alongside newly-elected Production Director and partner-in-crime, Alize Akturk, began working on developing more online livestreams. YSTV on the Rocks continued, as well as creating Meme Stream Media and coming up with the idea for Society Scoop. The term was mostly dominated by YSTV's coverage of the YUSU Elections 2021. This was co-ordinated entirely online, but was a fantastic success. ERN saw a special elections edition of YSTV on the Rocks featured in the After-Show and saw Joe running around between different places to deliver kit for the night.

The end of second term, Easter Break and the start of third term were all heavily dominated by Roses 2021, officially known as Roses Unlocked. This Roses worked differently from most others, involving digitally assisted fixtures, that took place simultaneously in both York and Lancaster, being linked together by the coverage of YSTV and LA1TV. Joe led the coverage as Roses Lead and headed up the planning and the weekend itself. A gargantuan effort, involving 38 YSTV crew members (only 3 of whom had worked on a Roses before) and ultimately a huge success. Dispite some setbacks, with one stream that didn't go live and a member who dropped out on Saturday morning, Joe worked with the incredible team to hold everything together and ensure that things ran smoothly from that point onwards (which he was mostly successful in doing).

Following the Chaos of Roses 2021, Joe then went on an excursion to Surrey for a day to return some hired cameras, only to return home and immediately run AGM of 2021. This event, much to Joe's testament for planning it two days after Roses, lasted less than 2 hours and is very possibly the shortest AGM in YSTV's history.

In YSTV's 2021 elections, Joe was successfully re-elected as Station Director, making him the 5th SD to receive a second term. Following re-election, and now a part of The Big Five, Joe set about to bring YSTV back into life as much as possible, with the pandemic at long last gradually thawing. He assisted with the Eurovision after shows, ran the FLOPPYs alongside Sophie Bolwell-Davies, and produced YSTV's coverage of the Love York Awards. It was at the Love York Awards that YSTV won Student Group of the Year, which is still perhaps Joe's proudest achievement. He also won Highly Commended for Best Sport Journalist at the Colours Ball for his work on Roses Unlocked.

As the year came to an end, Joe could not have been prouder with what YSTV had been able to achieve in a year that saw it face so many difficulties. The resilience of his incredible team became particularly clear as he and Max Roach co-ordinated NaSTA entries over the summer break.

Third Year




# Show Position Description
Autumn Term
1 Riddle Me This Contestant
2 YOU ROCK! (YSTV goes to Brimham Rocks) Trip Participant
3 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Werewolves Spectator / Pizza Runner
4 Boxing VT Producer / Camera Op / Editor
5 MMA VT Producer / Camera Op / Editor
6 Boxing/MMA Fight Night 2019 Producer / Floor Manager
7 YSTV does Hunted - Episode 2 Huntee / Winner
8 Beautiful Surround Sound Christmas Choir Producer / Camera Op
9 Christian Union's Carols at the Minster Producer / Camera Op
10 Nessie Director / Editor
Spring Term
11 Pick Me Up Theatre: Scrooge Editor
12 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Mario Kart Drunk Driver
13 Vice-Chancellor's Statement on Coronavirus Camera Op / Editor
14 Mark Laity Interview Editor
15 Come Dine With Me Sound Op / Camera Op / Lead Editor
16 NaSTA 2020 News and Current Affairs Entry Editor
17 Robbing Chloe Sound Editing
18 Free The Flow Camera Op / Editor
19 Debate Night 2020 Producer / Director
20 Election Results Night 2020 Producer / Floor Manager
21 MMA Fight Night 2020 Producer / Director
Summer Term
22 Baby Shark Party Behind the Streams Producer / Camera Op / Editor
23 Election Results Night 2020 Behind the Streams Producer / Camera Op / Editor
24 Quarantine Weekly Episode 2 Challenge Contestant
25 Quarantine Weekly Episode 3 Challenge Contestant / Editor
26 Quarantine Weekly Episode 4 Challenge Contestant
26 Quarantine Weekly Episode 5 Editor
27 Quarantine Weekly Episode 6 Judge / Editor
28 The 93% Club - Campus News Editor
29 Our First Day of Freedom Actor


# Show Position Description
Autumn Term
30 The Forest: YSTV Reports Camera-Op / Editor
31 Freshers Round-Up 2020 Sound-Op / Camera-Op / Social Media Coordinator
32 Oranges and Lemons Episode 1: 'Pumpkins and Gourds' Sound-Op / Editor / Executive Producer
33 Ghostin' Tiktok Ghost / Editor
34 YSTV Welcome Video (60s NaSTA Edition) Editor
35 Oranges and Lemons Episode 2: 'Flesh and Brains' Editor / Executive Producer
36 YSTV on the Rocks Episode 1 Presenter
37 Oranges and Lemons Episode 3: 'Bacon and Beans' Editor / Executive Producer
38 Oranges and Lemons Episode 4: 'Turkey and Stuffing' Editor / Executive Producer
Spring Term
39 YSTV on the Rocks Episode 2 Presenter / Executive Producer
40 Meme Stream Media Episode 1 Presenter / Producer
41 Lockdown Diaries Episode 1 Presenter
42 YSTV on the Rocks Episode 3 Presenter / Executive Producer
43 You Have No Authority Here Actor
44 YSTV on the Rocks Episode 4 Presenter / Executive Producer
45 YSTV eSports Party Games Contestant
46 Elections 2021 60 Second Manifestoes Producer
47 Elections 2021 Debate Night Producer
48 Elections 2021 Results Night Producer
49 Elections 2021 ERN: The After Show Presenter of YSTV on the Rocks / Producer
50 Meme Stream Media Episode 2 Presenter / Producer
Summer Term
51 Roses 2021 (Roses Unlocked) Roses Lead
52 Love York Awards 2021 Producer
53 Eurovision Semi-Final After Show Episode 2 Camera Op
54 YSTV Reports: What Were You Wearing Runner


# Show Position Description
Autumn Term
55 Coffee Shops of York Sound Op
56 Moving In and Moving On Sound Op
57 Fit for Another World - The Legacy of Anne Lister Camera Op
58 Freshers 2021 - Sophie @ Salvos Sound Op / Editor
59 Vanbrugh Paradise Festival Producer / Camera Op
60 Freshers 2021 Livestream VT Lead / Roaming Reporter
61 YUSU Comedy Night Sound Op
62 Technical Stage Services Ad Camera Op / Sound Op
63 Freshers Festival Presenter
64 Riddle Me This (Give it a Go 2021 - 1) Camera Op and Autocue Supervisor
65 YSTV Sport: Women's Rugby - York v Glasgow Van Driver / Technical Lead
66 Uni Hacks Episode 1 Producer
67 YSTV on the Rocks Episode 5 (Give it a Go Special) Presenter
68 How Not To Do It Episode 1 Technical Assistant
69 YSTV Sport: Women's Football Technical Assistant
70 Comedy Soc Presents: Have I Got News for York Technical Lead
71 Meme Stream Media Episode 3 Presenter
72 Uni Hacks Episode 2 Producer / Cam Op
73 NaSTA Vlog 2021 Vlogger
74 How Not To Do It Episode 2 Technical Assistant
75 YSTV Sport: American Football Technical Assistant / Van Driver
76 Comedy Soc: Freshers Sketch Show Technical Assistant / Camera Op
77 YSTV Sport: Boxing Fight Night 2021 Floor Manager
78 How Not To Do It Episode 3 Producer / Director
79 How Not To Do It Episode 4 Producer / Director
80 Christmas Livestream Director
Spring Term
81 Courtyard's 13th Birthday Producer
82 Yindoors 2022 Technical Assistant / Camera Op
83 Sweet May: Live at Victoria Vaults (Commercial) Producer
84 A Live From The Apocalypse Producer / Presenter
85 YSTV Sport: Volleyball Technical Assistant
86 Giant Canvas Balloon Painting Dart Thrower
87 ComedySoc: 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Tech Assistant / Appearance
88 Boxing Fight Night - Spring 2022 Producer / Director
89 College Varsity 2022 - Studio Presenter
90 MMA Face-off VT Camera Op
91 ComedySoc: Women & Queer Culture Show Director / Tech Lead
92 Battle of the Bands Final 2022 Producer / Camera Op
93 MMA Fight Night - Spring 2022 Tech Assistant
94 Anne Lister: Made For Another World - Trailer Editor
95 IUPDC Pole Competition (Commercial) Editor

Once Planned, But Long Abandoned Productions

Joe once hoped to launch the YSTVCU. It would have began with Andy Goes to the Moon and Matt-Man. The two productions were unfortunately postponed due to the pandemic and never quite came to fruition. Other potential YSTVCU films included "Rhys fixing a computer", "Johnny is 3 guys in a trench coat", "Manu opens a hotel" and "Olivia gets banned from Sainsbury's".

Joe once planned to produce YSTV's own version of the show Taskmaster which has been dubbed "Masktaster" to avoid copyright infringement. The show has since been passed on to Freshers who may one day make the show.

Plans for a YSTV show dubbed as CAMP YSTV, that Joe was producing with Olivia Gibbs have been put on hold indefinitely.

Where Are They Now?

Joe and Joe at Zoe's "Pirates, Priests, Postmen and Pornstars" Party, 2019