Fuckary; is a general term, used mainly within the technical and computing department, to mean any form of project or solution that really shouldn't work. The origins of Fuckary are lost in Techie history, but on that fateful day a proud tradition began which has been upheld by the successive relay of techies at YSTV. While Fuckary takes no specific form; things qualifying as Fuckary tend to follow a similar thread:

  • Total disregard for any instruction manual. Except possibly as a work surface / technical dumping ground / towel.
  • Some form of planning has taken place either under the influence of alcohol or within the hallowed walls of a drinking establishment.
  • Work has been done between the hours of 2 and 5 am.
  • Using things in ways they were not designed for.
  • A high degree of Bodge.
  • Swearing.
  • Techie pizza.

While the above is not a complete list of the qualifications of Fuckary, they act as a fairly comprehensive signpost for the next production at which Fuckary may occur... I.e. any production.

Fuckary can also be related to the pitching or producing of a questionable production, for example Schubert Squared. These productions tend to be born either of the pub or from a joke that is taken far too far out of hand. Live drama is a prime example of utter fuckary that actually succeeded in becoming the most impressive, high scale production for many years.

Notable instances of Fuckary and those responsible: