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Dan Wade
Years Active 2021 – Present
Positions Held
DegreesMEng Computer Science with Cyber Security


Dan joined YSTV quite late in his first year, after being quite bored due to being stuck in isolation or lockdown due to Covid-19. He was the only person to turn up to a livestream tech give it a go session for Refreshers 2021. He then spent the rest of the summer term following Rhys Milling, the wizard of livestream tech, learning how to run livestreams.

Dan ran for Deputy Computing Director in the November 2021 by-election, losing to fresher Liam Burnand. Dan then ran for Deputy Computing Director again, this time unopposed, in the 2022 election and won.

Dan mostly works as a livestream tech or does livestream distribution but more recently has started camera operating and editing. In terms of computing, Dan mostly focuses on active directory, having recently setup a new secondary domain controller which doesn't actually quite work yet.


  • Microsoft Certified
  • Hates eduroam
  • Speedy cyclist for Deliveroo
  • Plays badminton
  • Has a car, which got broken into in 2nd year even though there was nothing valuable inside
  • Made a nice tidy profit from purchasing stuff for YSTV, thanks to a cashback credit card
  • Good friends with the mighty Dom Hall
  • Drove to Acomb with Jamie Parker-East to pick up a free kids trike off Facebook Marketplace, only for the lady to be at work and had forgotten to leave it outside
  • Took a James College Porter's trolley with Jamie Parker-East from west to east campus to pick up a very ugly sofa donated to YSTV from TFTI and then take it all the way back to the YSTV Studio
  • Drinks red wine at computing meetings
  • "Better than most" at laser-tag


Year 1

Date Show Position(s)
Summer Term
18/05/2021 Eurovision Semi-Final One Livestream Technician (shadowing)
20/05/2021 Eurovision Semi-Final Two Remote Livestream Technician (shadowing)
12/06/2021 Love York Awards Livestream Technician (shadowing)
13/06/2021 CHMS Setup Computing Assistant

Year 2

Date Show Position(s)
Autumn Term
02/10/2021 Freshers Livestream Livestream Technician
13/10/2021 YSTV Sport - Women's Rugby Livestream Distribution
27/10/2021 YSTV Sport - Football Livestream Technician
29/10/2021 Meme Stream Media Ep3 Livestream Distribution
12/11/2021 How Not to Do It Livestream Technician
03/12/2021 Christmas Special Livestream Livestream Distribution
Spring Term
16/01/2022 Yindoors Livestream Distribution
06/03/2022 College Varsity - Studio Livestream Distribution
Summer Term
28/04/2022 Roses 2022 - Tech setup Livestream Tech/Tech Assistant
29/04/2022 Roses 2022 - Handball Women's 1sts and Men's 1sts Tech Assistant
29/04/2022 Roses 2022 - Main Control Room Assistant Livestream Distribution
30/04/2022 Roses 2022 - Badminton Women's 1sts Tech Lead
30/04/2022 Roses 2022 - Table Tennis Open 1sts Tech Lead
14/05/2022 Eurovision Pre-Show Party Livestream Tech
03/06/2022 A Midsummer Night's Dream Camera Op
09/06/2022 Love York Awards Camera Op
12/06/2022 College Cup Finals - Football Livestream Technician and Driver
13/06/2022 Let's move a sofa a great distance Sofa crew (I moved the sofa from east to west)
13/06/2022 Race across campus Bike Racer


Date Workshop Role
Autumn Term - Year 2
20/10/2021 Intro to Livestream Distribution Workshop Assistant
20/10/2021 Intro to Active Directory Workshop Assistant