Connor Sanders

Technically a member from 2019 but only active in 2021.

Connor Sanders
Years Active 2019
Positions Held
  • 2021: Rhys' Bitch Award


As an undeserved recipient of the 2020-21 "Rhys' Bitch Award", Connor found time better spent under the volumous, flammable goods that sat between 2 fire escapes, than in the sad delusion of a YSTV "computing team". A computing team where he'd form one third of the infamous "Triple Threat": a trio of emotionally rotund sysadmins who believed wildly different philosophies about every single part of their job. Connor was a person of absolute minimalism (dwm? Self-configured arch install? Need I say more?). While Rhys (DJ) Milling might download an outdated, abandoned github repo ("but Connor, it's written in Go!" he would say) and Dom "have you finished it yet" Hall might find some "enterprise", proprietary, bloated subscription service riddled with spyware (which wouldn't be so bad if the damn thing actually worked), 90% of the time the obvious solution is just a bash script. And surprise surprise it always (eventually) works.

While you may find him nestled in a fist fight, mid computing meeting, his actual role is Head of Archives, where he dedicates his life towards ignoring emails and fixing the many issues with mediawiki (sometimes with an excess of anger and fear). His entire speech for Head of Archives is reproduced below verbatim:

I want to be Head of Archives.

His resignation speech is reproduced below, exactly as delivered:

I no longer want to be Head of Archives.


  • 1.5 scoops of Nescafe instant coffee, 5g creatine, 3 seconds of double cream and a pinch of salt
  • Unity Ubuntu, no snappy
  • <0.5mm tip pens
  • The crane position, as opposed to the fetal
  • 24 hour exams
  • 24
  • Running systemd (un)ironically whilst saying "Yeah bro, I'm about minimalism and bloat-free software"