Charlotte Rogers

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Charlotte on a YSTV trip to Scarborough

Charlotte joined YSTV as a fresher in 2017. Quickly, she became one of the station's most active and sociable members, usually filling the role of presenter alongside her partner Theo Bimson. At the elections of 2018, she was elected into the position of Social Secretary. In her second year, Charlotte took on even more productions, becoming YSTV's go-to presenter. She also started producing a lot of factual content (especially YSTV Reports and her pet project YSTV does First Dates), which is why she took over as Head of Factual when Richard Jones stepped down from the role. Charlotte was also active in fellow student media outlet Nouse, and won Highly Commended for the Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award at the Love York Awards 2019. She spent the 2019\20 academic year studying abroad, which is why she had to take a break from YSTV (even though the few days she was back in York during her holidays, she spent presenting for YSTV).



  • 2018: YSTV Mum
  • 2019: Loudest Member