Caroline Preynat-Viero

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Caroline Preynat-Viero
Years Active 2018 – Present
Positions Held
AllegianceTape Team

Caroline (often also just called Caro) is a film and tv student who joined YSTV as a fresher in 2018, becoming one of the most active members of her year. She regularily acts as camera OP or as part of a gallery crew for live broadcasts.

Caroline is one of the most regular YSTV members to join social events, usually accompanied by her best friend Zoë Dickinson. Together, they form the famous Tape Team. Originally created to hold some kind of position within the station, it soon developed into a team spreading the love and appreciation for the most essential equipment of all: tape.

Besides the many productions she has worked on, Caroline has joined YSTV for both YSTV Trips, appeared as a fugitive on YSTV does Hunted and came along to NaSTA 2019.

In 2019, she suceeded Olivia Gibbs as the stations Secretary, carefully filling the minutes for each meeting with memes and illustrations.

These are the major productions Caroline has worked on: