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The only category at the annual NaSTA awards which is created specifically for the awards rather than taken from our broadcast output. In a maximum of ten minutes of video, each station has to sell it's claim to be the best student television station in the country. This is normally done by cutting together excerpts from every production made in the previous year, with a mixture of live sound and music used to glue the whole lot together.

The edits produced have subsequently been used to promote the station at many other events, although the use of copyrighted music has prevented their being released on the website or broadcast regularly. In this role they are successors to the previous Review of the Year edits. Best Broadcaster edits exist for every year from 1999 to 2010.


Oldest Best Broadcaster currently listed on Tapelog. Introduced in person by Production Director Helen Rix if memory serves me correctly.


Introduced various elements of the station's output under their different genres, using a voice-over and the revolving cube ident.


Edited by Michael Prior-JonesUnverified or incomplete information.


Edited by Peter Bowles, main soundtack "So Lonely" by Jakatta.


Edited by Michael Prior-Jones, main soundtrack "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits. Very similar in style to 2001.


Edited by Rowan de Pomerai and Jonathan Bufton, main soundtrack "Gangster Tripping" by Fatboy Slim.


Edited by Rowan de Pomerai, Richard Ash and Jonathan Bufton. Main soundtrack "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim. Won Highly Commended.


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Edited by Rowan de Pomerai, Sarah Cheyne and Matthew Tole. Main soundtrack "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim. Won Highly Commended.


Watch it on Google Video

Edited by Rowan de Pomerai, Sarah Cheyne, Iain Cooke, Matthew Tole and Richard Ash. It was noteable for using the Try Something You Thought You Couldn't Do promotions as well as YSTV shows, to try to portray the society aspects of the station as well as our output. Music used was:

  • Insomnia by Faithless
  • The LipSync theme
  • The YSTV News theme
  • Do Your Thing by Basement Jaxx
  • Phwarming by campus band Vudu Guru
  • Porcelain by Moby
  • Praise You by Fatboy Slim
  • Elections 2005 theme (as used in Elections 2006) by Rob Humphrey
  • A songUnverified or incomplete information by campus band The Morning Thieves


Edited by Iain Cooke, Neil Brehon, Anna Bucks and Roxanne Benson-Mackey. This year it was split into five sections prefixed with "YSTV does" - Entertainment, Music, News, Comedy and Live. This allowed each section to be edited independently rather than everyone working on one timeline.


  • Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
  • Stuck in the Sound - Nevermind the Living Dead
  • Kanye West - Stronger
  • Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
  • MGMT - Kids
  • Bloc Party - Helicopter
  • The Jam - News of the World
  • The Slip - The Original Blue Air
  • Nova Express - Walk Away
  • Theme from "Gladiators"
  • Magic P and the Innuendos - The Clown Set


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Edited by Iain Cooke, Mark Friend, Simon Harris and Alex Balmer.


  • Spoon - My Mathematical Mind
  • Motion City Soundtrack - A Life Less Ordinary (Need A Little Help)
  • The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
  • Magnapow! - Voices in the Dark
  • Little Boots - Remedy
  • We Are Scientists - After Hours
  • Magic P and the Innuendos - The Clown Set
  • Pixies - Cecilia Ann
  • Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror


Watch it on YSTV

Edited by Alex Balmer, Michael Miller, Steven Perring and Chris Young with help from Mark Friend and Simon Harris. It won highly commended at the 2011 NaSTA Awards.


  • Arcade Fire - Empty Room
  • The Yeah You's - 15 Minutes
  • Owl City - Fireflies
  • Jimmy Eat World - Movielike
  • Plan B - Stay too Long
  • 3 Doors Down - Kyrptonite
  • Paulo Nutini - Pencil Full of Lead
  • We Are Scientists - Rules Don't Stop Me
  • Train - Parachute
  • Mika - We Are Golden


Edited by Michael Miller, Steven Perring, Sarah Pickles, and Chris Wall again with input from Mark Friend and Simon Harris.


  • New Radicals - Get What You Give
  • Owl City - Deer in the Headlights
  • Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire
  • The King's Parade (Campus Band from The Sound Lab) - Take me to the River
  • Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks
  • The Subways - Rock and Roll Queen
  • Matchbox 20 - How Far We've Come
  • Train - Brick by Brick
  • Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing

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