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=== 2007 ===
=== 2007 ===
Edited by [[Rowan de Pomerai]], [[Sarah Cheyne]], [[Matthew Tole]] and [[Richard Ash]].
Edited by [[Rowan de Pomerai]], [[Sarah Cheyne]], [[Iain Cooke]], [[Matthew Tole]] and [[Richard Ash]].
{{YSTV Productions}}
{{YSTV Productions}}
[[Category: Productions]]
[[Category: Productions]]

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The only category at the annual NaSTA awards which is created specifically for the awards rather than taken from our broadcast output. In a maximum of ten minutes of video, each station has to sell it's claim to be the best student television station in the country. This is normally done by cutting together excerpts from every production made in the previous year, with a mixture of live sound and music used to glue the whole lot together.

The edits produced have subsequently been used to promote the station at many other events, although the use of copyrighted music has prevented their being released on the website or broadcast regularly. In this role they are successors to the previous Review of the Year edits. Best Broadcaster edits exist for every year from 1999 to 2007.


Oldest Best Broadcaster currently listed on Tapelog. Introduced in person by Production Director Helen Rix if memory serves me correctly.


Introduced various elements of the station's output under their different genres, using a voice-over and the revolving cube ident.


Edited by Michael Prior-JonesUnverified or incomplete information.


Edited by Peter Bowles, main soundtack "So Lonely" by Jakatta.


Edited by Michael Prior-Jones, main soundtrack "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits. Very similar in style to 2001.


Edited by Rowan de Pomerai and Jonathan Bufton, main soundtrack "Gangster Tripping" by Fatboy Slim.


Edited by Rowan de Pomerai, Richard Ash and Jonathan Bufton. Main soundtrack "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim.


Edited by Rowan de Pomerai, Sarah Cheyne and Matthew Tole. Main soundtrack "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim.


Edited by Rowan de Pomerai, Sarah Cheyne, Iain Cooke, Matthew Tole and Richard Ash.

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