Ben Allen

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Ben Allen
Ben square.jpg
Years Active 2019 – Present
Positions Held
Current LocationThe YSTV Studio. Definitely.
DegreesBEng Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems


Ben Allen, can often found in the studio in the early hours of the morning, screaming at technology, and is a prime example of a dedicated YSTV member. He is an all round lovely guy and is almost constantly busy and tired.

Joining as a fresher during the Give It A Go event in October 2019, Ben almost immediately became heavily involved in YSTV with his first event being a week or two later when YSTV hosted the 2019 NASTA People's choice awards. Acting as technical assistant to Technical Director Andrew Waddle during the setup and operation of the show. Having since worked on numerous live and recorded projects, Ben has worked within a variety of technical and operational roles; generally acting as technical and computing assistant to Andrew Waddle and Rhys Milling on live shows or working like a bugger with VFX. Not to mention his round the clock commitment to technical fuckary.

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  • Can be calmed down with a snickers bar.
  • His favourite film is Sharknado, which he once called 'a cinematic masterpiece with an almost ethereal quality'.
  • Snack of choice probably a Pot noodle or dominos



# Show Position Notes
Autumn Term
1 YSTV Give It a Go 2019 Tech Monkey
2 PCAs 2019 Intro Camera Operator & Actor
3 PCAs 2019 Camera Operator & Technician
4 Bob Ross Livestream Sound & Livestream Technician
5 RAG Absailing Editor
6 The Review Club - Wine Tasting Camera Operator
7 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Werewolves Director, Vision Mixer & Livestream Technician
8 YSTV Sport: Volleyball Autumn 2019 Director & Livestream Technician
9 Boxing Fight Night Live 2019 Graphics Programmer
10 Hunted - Episode 2 Title Sequence Graphics
11 York's Got Talent 2019 Director & Technician
12 Please Sir, There's Been a Murder Sound Operator, Livestream Technician
Spring Term
13 60 Second Manifestos 2020 Director, Camera Operator, Editor & Graphics
14 Hustings 2020 Technician
15 YUSU Election Results Night 2020 Intro Director & Camera Operator
16 YUSU Election Results Night 2020 Director
17 MMA Fight Night Graphics Programming
18 Ben Goes to Kuda- livestream Director & Producer

Technical Shenanigans

  • Notable for the discovery of the Holy Bodgeble in a field one day and has been hard at work translating the contents since
  • Dismantled an ATEM and poked a fan once (to Andrew's dismay) and then wrote a poem about it out of boredom