Alize Akturk

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Alize Akturk
Years Active 2019 – Present
Current LocationConstantine College or London?
DegreesBSc Film and Television Production




# Show Position Description
1 YSTV Reports - The Samaritans (uploaded 07/11/19) Producer Officially met the Stephanie Shires and Marta Vitola.
2 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Werewolves (18/11/19) Participant Had no idea how to play the game, hearing about Olivia Gibbs and her competitiveness about the game. Coincidentally (?) got the 'drunk' card twice. Perks were the pizza her and Sophie Bolwell-Davies ordered beforehand and sneakily tried to eat it throughout.
3 Please Sir, There's Been a Murder Camera Op Filmed with her AC90 called 'Linda'
4 Boozy Broadcasts: Mario Kart Drunk Drivers (15/01/20) Participant Played ...
5 YSTV Reports - Think Equal Editor Although this
6 KitKeeper Advert (uploaded __/01/20) Camera Op Had a great time filming, as well as interviewing each of the contestants at the end with Neve Carey.
7 Ben Goes to Kuda- livestream Participant A failed attempt to take Ben to Kuda that ending in the group heading to Flares, produced by Ben Allen the livestream was not recorded and baffled Thomas Schubert in Courtyard who was shocked by how the group were livestreaming and the fact that it had graphics.
8 Elections Results Night 2020 Camera Op #Chillandmingle Had a great time Camera Oping with Karinna Hollins and Sophie B-D.
9 YSTV Reports- Free the Flow Camera Op Enjoyed camera operating with